Healthcare Chef is the foodservice industry's leading resource for educational programming, professional development, advocacy and innovative foodservice practices that increase patient and staff satisfaction, decrease costs, and define successful operation performance. Healthcare Chef also provides a venue for operators and suppliers to build powerful partnerships that can compete successfully in today's fast-changing healthcare environment.
We believe that one of the key factors in improving the quality of the resident's/patient’s stay lies in a facility’s ability to meet and exceed the nutritional needs and expectations of its patients. That’s why Healthcare Chef is committed to driving increased patient satisfaction outcomes and enhancing the entire patient food experience.

Michael is a dedicated food service specialist that provides our clients and front-line managers with the information, tools and support needed to meet the nutritional needs of patients – an essential part of the healing and recovery process. We work directly with dietitians and food service directors and supervisors to develop nutritionally sound meal options that are customized for age, regional tastes and each patient’s individual needs or preferences.

Patients can also enjoy creative and comforting options that taste great and bring a retail-quality dining experience to their room. To provide the highest level of flexibility while using processes that make life easier for nurses, we offer a wide range of clinical food programs.

Michael Meyer understands the crucial role of food services in the healthcare setting – for patients, for visitors, and for the people who work in the hospital every day. He also understand the complexities of serving thousands of people several times a day while meeting nutritional requirements.

Michael implements leverage advanced technology and hospitality focus to provide innovative food services for patients at more than several healthcare locations, including hospitals and senior living facilities throughout North America. His expertise lies in applying 28 years of worldwide food service experience to the creation of attractive, efficient healthcare food service environments that appeal to residents, patients, visitors, and staff.

To learn more about the services we can provide to your healthcare facility, contact Michael directly,