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Computer Requirements

Utensils and Cutlery Requirements:

Chef Knife, Paring knife, Turner Knife, Filet Knife, Boning knife off-set knife, Bread knife,

Cutting Board Minimum 24" wide Acrylic or wood.
Aluminum Stock pot, Soup Pot, Sauce Pans, Frying pan and 18"x13" baking sheet pan
Appliances Requirements
4 Burner Stove Oven
Removable stove top Grill Plate
Small Accessories
Rolling Pin, Peeler, Zero - 500 degree Thermometer, ice Cream Scoop. 1oz & 4oz ladles, serving spoons, whisk, mixing bowl, Tupperware & lids, 8" tongs, Kitchen rages/towels, metal stock strainer, Basting brush, rubber scraper, Bone scissors, Candy thermometer, Can opener, Cheese cloth, Cheese grater, Cake Server, Chinoise, Round Cookie cutter set, Timer, Cooking Fork, Funnel, Garlic Press, Lemon Zestier, Mandolin, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoons, Meat tenderizer, Melon baller, Peeler, Mortar, Muffin tin, Oven mitts, Pastry bag, Pastry Bag piping tips, Peeper Mill, Cake Spring Form, Pie pan, Pizza Cutter, Rolling pin proxy. 12", Pepper mill, Salt Shaker, Scale, Scraper, Slotted and Non Slotted spoons, Spider Spoon, Tomato knife, and Wooden Spoons.
Chinaware-Entree, Salad and Dessert plates. Soup bowl, Champagne Flutes, Martini Glasses.
Small appliances
Food Processor, Blender, Hand held egg beater or Standing Mixer
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