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  "Baal Teshuvah" My Personal Story  
Matza Shmura Making is a trimly posses that requires the matza dough to be
mixed, formed, rolled out, perforates and baked within 18 minutes maximum.
It requires a precision teamwork to justify to cost.

Holidays Events - Passover

Cutting, Copping, and Dicing, Slicing
Preparing and cutting all type of vegetables, fruit and meats and provisions
to different shapes and sizes ready for a verity of cooking applications.
Cutting Slicing Dicing
Choosing and Using Cutlery
Using the proper cutlery in food preparation can prevent knife injuries
and speed up the cooking process.

Choosing and Using Cutlery

Quick Moroccan Couscous
Traditional Moroccan couscous steamed with vegetables chicken, meat or fish.
Moroccan Couscous
CARVING - Techniques
Carving watermelon and other fruit for holidays and special occasions
as center piece for buffets and smorgasbords.
CARVING - Techniques
Selecting Fish
Choosing and selecting fish at the fresh fish market for
Freshness, quality and size and price.

How to filet and portion fish
Portioning fish for different application such as
Saute, Grilling, frying, Poaching, Baking and steaming.
How to filet and portion fish

Potato Crusted Tilapia
• Fish: Selecting, Cutting, Cooking
• Fish Fundamentals • Buying & Storing Fish
• How to Fry Fish • Poaching Fish
• Braising Fish • Searing Fish
• Fish Stuffing (farce) • Grilling& Broiling Fish

Potato Crusted Tilapia


Fried Zeppole
A Zeppola (plural: zeppole; in southern Italian dialects; a pastry consisting of
a deep-fried dough ball of varying size but typically about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter.
Fried Zeppole


Cutting Slicing & Dicing



Prior to becoming "Baal Teshuvah" in 2010, Meir Vaknin was training restaurant owners and operators, chefs, managers and key food service personnel how to best manage restaurants, catering and food service operations. Meir has over 30 years of proven restaurant and Hotel leadership in New York City as a chef and a consultant turning poorly managed restaurants, caterers and food service establishments into a high performing operation.

Meir Vaknin began his career in Israel as a graduate and cooking school instructor at the "Tadmor Hotel" Culinary and Hospitality school in Hertzelia Israel. As a young chef, Meir Vaknin cooked his way through several sections of Israel and New York City facilitating the opening of over 25 restaurants. In 1985 he partnered as an executive chef with a doctor from long Island NY to open an elegant upscale 250 seat restaurant in Woodmeer NY. Later in 2010, while satisfying his passion for fusion-eclectic cooking and receiving 2 and 4 stars ratings from The New York Times and Newsday, Meir Vaknin became a "Baal Teshuvah" turning his devotion to Serving Hashem while teaching cutting-edge Kosher Cooking to congregations throughout New York City and Vicinity

"Baal Teshuvah" My Personal Story