About Meir Vaknin
Chef / Restaurant Consultant

Prior to becoming "Baal Teshuvah" on 2010, Meir Vaknin was training restaurant owners and operators, chefs, managers and key food service personnel how to best manage restaurants, catering and food service operations. Meir has over 30 years of proven restaurant and Hotel leadership experience and excels at strategic growth and restaurant control implementation. He also possesses a complete grasp on what it takes to turn poorly managed restaurants and food service establishments into a high performing operation.

Meir Vaknin began his career in Israel as a graduate and cooking school instructor at the "Tadmor Hotel" Culinary and Hospitality school in Hertzelia.
As a young chef, Meir Vaknin cooked his way through several sections of Israel and New York City as a chef and a consultant facilitating the opening of over 25 restaurants. In 1985 he partnered as an executive chef with a doctor from long Island NY to open an elegant 250 seat restaurant in Woodmeer NY.
Later, while satisfying his passion for fussion-eclectic cooking and receiving 2 and 4 stars ratings from The New York Times, Meir expended his interest to the front of the house operations.

Meir Vaknin combines his food service management skills, culinary experience and marketing strategies to help companies strengthen sales objectives and marketing programs.
Meyer has facilitated the opening of over 20 restaurants in New York.

2010 Meir becomes "Baal Teshuvah"

Meir Vaknin formally was the Executive Banquet Chef of the
Five Star Essex House Hotel International in New Your City.

Meir's Catering Qualifications and Skills include:

• On-Premises Catering Off-Premises Catering
• Catering Equipment
• Start-Up Coverage

Setting up business:
• Setting up Kitchens and banquet facilities
• Kitchen Equipment design
• Menu planning launching and marketing
• Booking parties
• Service Equipment

Types of Catering
• Weddings
• Social Catering
• Corporate Catering
• Community Affairs
• Special Events
• Kosher Catering
• Wine and Bar Service

Event Management
• Organizing Time and the Party Setup
• Managing an Event from Introduction to Conclusion
• Estimating Food Cost and Quantities
• Floral, Decor, and Subcontractors Coordination
• Scheduling Staff
• Hiring and renting employees
• Outsourcing and booking Entertainment
• Establishing Relationships with Clients

• Defining Catering Concept
• Marketing and Promoting your Business
• Putting Together a Promotional Kit
• Getting Referrals and Repeat Business
• Advertising your business
• Tracking Your Success
• Sales

Catering Growth and Expansion Strategy
• Building your catering business and operating your business at a multi-event level
• Leveraging the success of the concept in its current state

Written Agreements and Contracts
• How Much to Charge
• Closing the Deal
• Keeping a Portfolio
• Running your business

Estimating Quantities, and Writing Proposals
• Calculating Your Kitchen and dining room Labor
• Food preparation and Presentation
• Beverages and Alcohol
• Public Service Perishable Food Distribution

• Monitoring deliveries and Purveyors

770 Lubavitcher Rebbe's Office
Chazaq's First Annual Dinner
Chazaq's First Annual Dinner

770 Lubavitcher Rebbe's Office

Meir & Mordechai Bar Mitzvah

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