Cuisine Arts Restaurant Consultants Inc. works with clients of all sizes, types and locations.
We possesse a complete grasp on what it takes to turn your restaurants and food service establishments into a high performing operation. We are happy to consider a quote on many types of food service engagements including daily, weekly, monthly, and complete projects.

We provide all of the services that your new restaurant will need, from start to finish. We can open the restaurant with you, for you, or we can manage and coordinate services as you need them.

Have you made a decision to get into the restaurant business, but are still just a little uncertain if it can be a success? Your solution is a Business Plan/Pro-forma. The purpose of this exercise is two-fold. First, to take the vision you have in your mind and put it down on paper in a format that makes sense. The second purpose of this document is to forecast your sales and profits not only for the first year, but for the first 3 years. Read More ...>>>

Imagine having the opportunity to pick the brain of a former chef/manager/owner of a restaurant corporation for a full day. Then, imagine having his answers captured in a user friendly, ready to implement action plan. The Cuisine Arts Group offers Brain Renting for operators looking for quick solutions in fighting daily battles against industry challenges.
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The Cuisine Arts Group serves as a one stop shop for owner, operators and entrepreneurs looking to turn their dreams of opening a restaurant into a reality. Whether working with initial concept ideas or creating scratch concepts, we can handle the process from creation through design and construction. We offer a unique advantage in that clients deal direct only one firm - a firm which can also manage the operations soup to nuts post opening. Read More ...>>>

A well-conceived, professional restaurant business plan is your greatest single asset for turning your restaurant dreams into reality. It's the key to convincing anyone to invest money, make a loan, lease space, and essentially do business with you prior to opening.
Your restaurant business plan is also the roadmap for the future of your business.
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At Cuisine Arts, we have been executing successful Site Selection practices for over 25 years. During this time we have developed a proprietary tool that will focus the Site Selection journey to match your specific concept's needs.
We will assist you in finding the right location. We can help you with the lease negotiations, improvement allowances and much more. This service is highly recommended for those without prior leasing experience.
There are many elements that go into choosing a great site. Just to name a few, traffic counts and variations, target audience, competition, population and demographic. Read More ...>>>

Once the Design Plans are complete, it is time to secure bids for Restaurant Construction, secure permits and manage the Restaurant Construction process. We can manage your restaurant construction and assist with the entire process of the construction period. We serve as your advocate and protector as it relates to the budgets, timelines and quality of the construction job. On this page you will find before and after images of a restaurant project in progress we have designed, furnished and ready to enter the restaurant management phase. Concept, Construction, Design and development phase. Read More ...>>>

We assist operators with every phase of the pre-opening process to ensure they're on schedule with the plan.
Pre-opening Services include, design and construction consultation opening budget management, maintaining project schedule, developing operating procedures, employee training manuals and procedures, purveyor selection and pre-opening marketing planning.


Our objective in this section is to bring to light many approaches and ideas for you to consider in the area of increasing customer counts and sales volume through creative and "low cost" marketing and promotional activities. A key component of successful restaurant marketing is to keep trying. Constantly experimenting with inexpensive ways of attracting attention and creating interest in your restaurant will eventually lead to positive results. We'll give you a wide variety of proven ways to enhance your marketing skills and create more customers. Read More ...>>>


The menu in large part defines your restaurant’s image and elevates or lowers your guests’ expectations. Not only does the menu play a major role in establishing market position and customer expectations; it is probably the single biggest merchandising and profit tool you have got. Unfortunately many operators underestimate the role the menu plays in influencing guests’ selections and miss out on major sales and profit-building opportunities.
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The Cuisine Arts Restaurant Management Services are particularly useful for business people with interests other than running their restaurant business as their only concern. First time restaurant operators also enjoy the level of comfort knowing there is a seasoned and successful force behind their brand.
With this service, smaller restaurant chains and single unit restaurant operators can work towards leveling the playing field with the competition. Cuisine Arts serves as your operating company with access to years of proven in-house restaurant experience.
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At The Cuisine Arts Group, we understand that at the core of every great operation lies a well designed and well executed Training program. Our Training Programs incorporate the vision and goals of your specific concept into measurable and trainable actions.
We design our Training Programs using manuals, visual tools and hands-on training techniques to round out successful Training Programs.

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The restaurant industry has thousands of operators who have defined a great concept and successfully opened one unit. Fewer operators have been able to duplicate their initial success into a multi-unit environment. Still fewer have been able to crack the code of operating more than three to five units as well as they did when the company was smaller and easier to control.
We will show you how to take your successful Vision and duplicate the process in a controlled and manageable way.
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Michael Meyer is a licensed real estate agent specializing in restaurant leasing, sales, tenant representation, site and business evaluation.
He has over 28 years of service in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Whether you're looking for a New York City restaurant to lease or buy, Michael can help. Once we receive your Restaurant requirements, Michael will assess your company's needs and put together a detailed report listing the ideal NYC restaurant spaces and operating restaurants that suits your business needs.
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Healthcare Chef is a professional source dedicated to healthcare food service management providing superior advocacy and targeted management tools to decrease costs, increase patient, staff and visitor satisfaction and define exemplary operating performance.
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of food production and facilities management services for nursing homes, extended and long-term care facilities. We focus on the key components of managing your food production, that you can focus on important things – your residents/patients. Read More ...>>>
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